Bergs Potter Pot Julie 9.8 in Antique Rosa


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Julie ‘Less is more’. In 1960 Milan, when designer Ninetta Mariani created the Julie Pot, she exclaimed, “I couldn’t add another thing to it!” Today we still agree. This elegant, understated pot keeps the plant in primary focus. Just outside of Copenhagen, in the historic fishing village of Dragør, there is a unique interplay between the blue sea, the ornate houses, and the shiny green gates of the paved avenues. This enchanting color combination inspires our glazed pots, jars, and vases. Bergs Potter’s glaze is saturated with intense color, accentuating the nuances between our different types of pots. Each pot, jar, and vase is glazed the old-fashioned way, individually and by hand. Glazed by Bergs are made to last for generations to come. Quality will always be classic.


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