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Take a fresh sniff at the world from an animal’s perspective.

In this fun flap-filled book, you’ll learn how smell plays a key role in the lives of animals and shapes their behavior and relationships. Each flap reveals the hidden side to each environment only perceptible through smell. Watch a polar bear track its prey beneath the ice, join a column of marching ants, and learn how to say hello to a family of forest piglets.

Anything is possible when you follow your nose!

About the contributor(s):

Emmanuelle Figueras was born in French Guiana. While studying law in Paris, she discovered a passion for writing, popular science and the animal world. She went on to study gorillas in Rwanda, took a course in primatology and became a journalist and author. She writes about animals and science for numerous French magazines and is the author of over 50 books for both adults and children. She lives near Montpelier in France.

Claire de Gastold was born in Paris in 1978. Her work has been published in magazines and she has illustrated several children’s books including her own Trop de la chance! (L’ecole des Loisirs, 2015). She lives near Paris in France.


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